Love Your Neighbor FAQ

1. How do I start using Bless Every Home?

a. Click Here

b. Click on the "Sign Up" button

c. Fill in your information

d. Add your home address (this allows Bless Every Home to send you prayer reminders for 

    your immediate neighbors.

2. How often will I get prayer reminder emails for my neighbors?

a. Every Day, unless otherwise specified under your settings

3. How should I pray for my neighbors?

a. There is no right or wrong way to pray for your neighbors. There is a suggested prayer

    for yourself and your neighbors along with a Scripture reference each day. You can pray

    that Scripture over each of them and/or pray for specific needs you may personally know.

4. Each email has two buttons: what do they do?

a. Pray from this Email... "Click When Done"

b. Pray from Your Map... "Go to Map Now"

- The "GO TO MAP NOW" button allows you to see your house and your neighbors on 

  a simple map. Each house is indicated as a small red square (     ); the ones to pray for 

  are indicated with a different symbol, a larger red circle (         ).

- If you click on either symbol, the names of those living there are listed as well as

  actions you've taken: 

i. Pray

ii. Care

iii. Share

iv. Disciple

c. PLEASE NOTE: Each time you click on one of the above action image buttons, it logs an 

    entry stating that you took action; There is no way to undo that change.

d. After you have prayed for a particular household, click the "CLICK WHEN DONE" button

    in the email. This allows MBC keep track of those that are being prayed for. 

5. What if I see an error in the address listing?

a. Click on the icon for that neighbor.

b. Click on the "Edit" (      ) icon and enter the correct name.