Covid-19 update

Update (05/06/20)

We plan to go back to in-person services beginning Saturday, May 23, and Sunday, May 24. This, however, is subject to change.

Here are some things we plan to implement when we come back.

We will be increasing the number of services in order to manage crowd size.

Here is the service schedule for the foreseeable future:

  • Saturday

    • 4:00 pm -- 65+ only​

    • 6:00 pm -- Everyone Welcome

  • Sunday

    • 9:00 am -- Everyone Welcome​

    • 10:45 am -- Everyone Welcome (Livestream also offered)

In order to ensure the health of our attenders we ask that only those in the 65+ crowd attend the Saturday night service at 4:00 pm. Others, including family and loved ones, outside this age range will not be allowed to attend.

We are in the process of constructing a team to sanitize between each service to ensure a clean environment, and we ask that whole families sit together with three empty seats between them and the next family. The rule of thumb is, if you live together or if you drove together, sit together.

As of right now, Children's Ministry and Youth ministry will continue to remain online. All of our services during this time, excluding the 4 pm (65+) service, will be family worship.

Update (04/06/20)

The Stay-At-Home order for Montgomery County has been extended to April 30. We will continue live streaming at 10:45 am on Sundays and will be hosting a drive-in service at 9 am on Sunday mornings.

Update (03/19/20)

Dear MBC Church Family, 
Hebrews 10 teaches the purpose of gathering for worship is to encourage proper interpersonal relationships (love) and care for each other (good works).  Regular gathering promotes love and service and is necessary for spiritual growth.  Believers who fail to gather together are susceptible to discouragement in their spiritual walk and becoming hyper focused on their own lives.  The breakdown of our regular gathering is not healthy for a believer or good for the church body. 
Understanding the importance of gathering together, the church Elders would like to keep our cancelations to a minimum.  So, for the next two Sundays the church will not open and we will have online services only.  We will reevaluate after two weeks and extend only if needed.  All of our mid-week events are postponed until further notice. 
We will livestream our Sunday service at 10:45am only.  The livestream links are as follows:
If you are not in a high-risk category, and if you do not interact with people from a high-risk category, consider inviting one family to join you on Sunday morning to watch the livestream.  You can take the time to pray and worship together. 

You are loved!!!

Pastor Steve

Update (03/16/20)

Dear Church Family,

The Coronavirus story continues to change daily. 

Last week Montgomery County asked for group meetings to be no greater than 250.  We felt like we could fit within that request and we did.

This afternoon, President Trump asked that group meetings be restricted to 10 or less.  As a result, we have cancelled our mid-week group meetings.

This story is changing and quickly unfolding.  We will send you another notice about our Sunday AM gathering on Thursday.     

For some in our church family business closings will create a particular hardship.  If you have specific needs, please let us know.  Some higher risk members of our church family may need someone to do shopping for them (to mitigate travel and exposure), if you need this kind of help, please let us know.

This remains a great time to share the Gospel with people.  Many thought their life was in control and are open to seeing the necessity of a relationship with Christ.  Pray our country turns its heart to God.

Look for a note later this week for an update about on our Sunday gathering.

You are Loved!!
Pastor Steve