The goal of our Adult Bible Classes is to learn the Scripture and how we can apply it to our lives in a practical way. We believe that by implanting God’s word into our heart, the Holy Spirit can call it up for us when we face life’s difficult choices and situations. With that in mind, we offer various classes throughout the year during our First Hour on Sundays and on Friday mornings. Additionally, we offer Bible Studies specific to men and women throughout the week that can be found on our  Women's page  & Men's page.


In this study, we work through a book of the Bible, studying it verse-by-verse. The format is open where we read the Word together and encourage open discussion so as not to be just a lecture, although the study is planned and sometimes notes are provided depending on the complexity of the study. The study typically lasts an hour and fifteen minutes (at the most) and you can leave when needed.

Friday Morning at 6 am | Large Classroom


Sundays at 9 am | Large Classroom

Beginning Sunday, January 10, during the 9 am service we kick off a study over the Seven Letters to the Seven Churches found in Revelation.

In this class we will discuss the historical significance of each letter and how to personally apply them to our lives today.


Sundays at 10:45 am | Large Adult Classroom

We will “press on” with a study of Hebrews! Come explore the whys and the ways of “Pressing On” to maturity in our Christian faith, enduring life’s struggles, disappointments, and even times of persecution, with a hope and confidence that is anchored in Jesus Christ.